Private building commissions by target groups with average incomes is stimulated in the Homerus district in Almere. As such, the terraced houses, measuring 5.4 by 6.0 metres, can be realised within a 126.500 € budget, VAT included. The three terraced houses, the town house, the family house and house with rooftop terrace have all been designed with special spatial qualities in mind. 

The living room of the 5.4 metre wide town house consists of a dining area of double height behind the front façade. This seemingly simple façade derives it subtle appearance from varying window proportions and details. The window openings decrease in size with each added floor, a visual technique also found in the façades of seventeenth-century canal houses in Amsterdam. This effect is further reinforced by using window frames of diminishing thickness. The intricate texture of the brickwork is achieved by applying alternating rows of same-colour, smooth and rough-surface bricks.
The budget for the family house allows for a maximum floor space and a total of six bedrooms. The house with rooftop terrace, however, has a large terrace so that future extensions can be realised on the second floor. These two houses can also be designed with spaces of double height.
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Affordable housing / Almere / 2010




Dittmar Bochmann Architecten


Project architect

Jan Bochmann


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