The district of Eva-Lanxmeer in the town of Culemborg aims at an exceptionally high level of sustainable building and mixed living and working facilities. In this neighbourhood housing cooperative 'Kleurrijk Wonen' realised a multi-purpose building with a range of different functions, situated diagonally opposite the station. 

The first two floors house offices for organisations providing social services. The next floor provides facilities for the 'Regionale Instelling voor Beschermd Wonen' (Regional Institution for Protected Living), where homeless and psychology vulnerable people are temporarily accommodated and assisted through shared housing. The two subsequent floors contain three maisonnettes for temporary renting by members of the housing cooperative.  
The specific urban location of the five-floor volume emphasises the entrance into the district behind it. To reinforce the integration with its immediate environs the facades have asymmetrical designs and the two top floors are slightly retracted. The spacious lobby at the corner on the ground floor creates an inviting gesture to the front and side directions of the building. In line with the sustainable character of the area, green climbing plants are grown on the brick facades of the first three floors.
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Multi-purpose building / Culemborg / 2011

Kleurrijk Wonen

Dittmar Bochmann Architecten

Project architect
Jan Bochmann

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