In the city of Zaandam a number of infills behind the station will be redeveloped the coming years. On one of these locations the planning scheme allows for three new islands to be realised. Its structure refers to the traditional ‘slagenlandschap’ in this part of Holland, based on narrow strips of islands.

Individual self-build houses will be constructed on these islands. The designs for these terraced and detached family houses are contemporary interpretations of wooden houses and historical building traditions in the Zaan region. As a result, the use of pitched roofs and local colours is compulsory for these locations.

Our first designs show modern building volumes with pitched roofs but without cantilevers and visible gutters. The wooden facades contain traditional elements such as white frames, wooden shutters and local colours. These create a contemporary rather than a historical impression and result in individual and clearly recognizable houses which also have a close mutual relationship.

De Zaanse Eilanden / Zaandam / 2014

Preliminary design


Sjoerd Soeters

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