The former industrial area of Buiksloterham in Amsterdam is gradually turning into a lively neighbourhood with a high diversity of housing and working facilities. Along one of the main roads the municipality has sold plots to private clients. The owners of one of the plots wanted to realize a unique terraced house to live and work in. A separate building with a carport, storage spaces and extra workspaces has been realized in the backyard.

The main 4-storey house has a spectacular interior. A central void connects the open and bright living room on the first floor with the upper floors. A subtle difference of floor levels leads to a variation in ceiling heights and creates a natural difference between the dining space and the living area. An extra sightline is created by an internal window between the workspace on the second floor and the central void. 

The design of the facades refers to the industrial past of this part of Amsterdam. The slender aluminium windows are reminiscent of loft or factory windows. This effect is reinforced by the use of visible steel lintels with standard industrial steel profiles above the windows and in the detailing of the balcony. The combination of steel elements with dark brickwork and anthracite window profiles adds a sturdy look to this new residence.


Klaprozenweg / Amsterdam / 2017



Van Pijkeren Bouw, Ommen

Marcel van der Burg

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