In the new commercial centre for Waddinxveen a diversity of shops, houses, public functions and a large car park have been combined into one integral urban design. Within the framework of the master plan by Soeters van Eldonk Architecten and Fred Kaaij we have designed one of the large building blocks in this area. Within this block various shops with a total surface of 5400 mē and a total of 75 apartments have been realized.

The different housing types interact with the environs and range from terraced houses on top of the shops to various apartment buildings at the corners of the plot. The large courtyard on the first floor has a communal garden and playgrounds.

The architecture of the building block refers to organically grown small-scale buildings. Elements such as the upright window positions, white window frames and a repetition of brickwork in five different colours allow for a strong connection between the various facades. Differences are created by a diversity of details in the brickwork, balconies and roof edges. Much attention has been paid to the four main entrance halls, which contain colourful patterns of wall tiles combined with stucco.


Town centre Waddinxveen / 2014

ASR Vastgoed Ontwikkeling

Bouwcombinatie Hurks Slokker

Dittmar Bochmann Architecten

Project architects
an Dittmar en Jan Bochmann

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