On the site of a former school in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost the municipality has sold 20 individual plots to private clients to realize individual terraced houses. For a group of 10 families our studio made the designs and organized the permissions and building processes. The 10 houses were built by contractor Lokhorst Bouw.

De 10 houses have been individually designed according to the specific needs of each owner. The spatial organization and the facade designs differ for each individual house. The facade colours are carefully chosen to create a sense of diversity in the street.

During the design process a balance between individual and repetitive elements was sought. The houses were built using the same construction system based on prefabricated concrete elements. Where possible the foundations and the foundation piles are combined. All facades consist of brickwork, plastic window frames and artificial stone elements in various colors. This method of construction allowed for the houses to be built at very attractive rates.


Dubbelink / Amsterdam / 2019


Lokhorst Bouw, Velsen-Noord

Marcel van der Burg

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