The municipality of Zaanstad organized a competition for ten terraced houses in the historical neighbourhood of Zaandijk. The design made by our studio in cooperation with Finbarr McComb was awarded the first prize. The realisation for this project is scheduled for 2020.

Typical for the historical village of Zaandijk is a heterogeneous structure including a wide range of building types and roof orientations, narrow alleyways and small public spaces. These century-old principles have been transposed to a modern residential project that refers to the local architectural vocabulary and wooden building traditions in this part of Holland. The ten houses and the two low storage buildings form an ensemble with a playful setup. The houses surround a small public square that is accessible by three alleys. The design of this small square will be realised in collaboration with people from the neighborhood.

Each one of the ten houses has a unique appearance because of the multitude of colours, the individualised windows and the special white facade elements. Cohesion between the ten houses is created by a continuous brick plinth, low brick garden walls and a repetition of materials and facade details. Special attention has gone to the sustainable installation plan in which five of the ten houses are designed as zero-energy buildings. All houses will be provided with carefully integrated solar panels and air-source heat pumps.


Zaandijkertuinen / Zaandijk / 2018

1st prize
competition gemeente Zaanstad

project development
Renward with
Lokhorst Bouw en Ontwikkeling

Lokhorst Bouw, Velsen Noord

Jan Bochmann Architecten with
Finbarr McComb Architect

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