With the move of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Eindhoven University a 14-storey building has become vacant for a redevelopment as student housing. The university organised a tender to select a project developer for this transformation.

Our proposal for the Campushotel is based on fully furnished student studios in combination with extra facilities including a restaurant, a library, study rooms, fitness studios and launderettes. The 443 rooms can be rented out for longer periods to international and Dutch students and university staff. Some of the rooms can also accommodate short-stay guests such as tourists.

The Campushotel is well-connected with its surroundings by a new forecourt and main entrance on ground level. On the upper floors collective roof terraces and emergency staircases have been added to the building. A partly-covered roof garden on the top floor offers spectacular views over the city.

All new additions, such as porch roofs and terraces, are articulated in colour as marks of our time. The new curtain wall façade shows a different attitude and refers to the original design from the 1960’s. By doing so, the renewed building remains a clear part of the originally designed ensemble of campus buildings by architect S. J. van Embden.


Campushotel / Eindhoven / 2014

Competition entry

Heijmans, Rosmalen

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