The Brahm Rishi Kaylaash Dhaam Foundation initiated the realisation of a building for religious and cultural activities of the Hindustani community in Almere, named Shiv Mandir. The project is part of the Homerus district, designed by OMA and currently under execution, in Almere-Poort. In this plan the Shiv Mandir occupies a special position as it is located on one of the corners lots of the new urban centre.


The design is based on a number of basic elements of classic Indian Hindu temples, such as a symmetrical layout, a large central space supported by columns, a passageway around this space, and a towering structure above the sacred statues, which is only visible from the outside. Furthermore, the horizontal multi-coloured bands of bricks in the facades also refer to historical examples.


A special atmosphere is created in the large sacred space by allowing daylight to enter through windows behind the openwork brick facades. During night-time the interior lighting of the central space makes the exterior resemble a lantern, further emphasizing the special function of this building in its environs.

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Shiv Mandir / Almere / 2012





Brahm Rishi Kaylaash

Dhaam Foundation



Dittmar Bochmann Architecten


Project architect

Jan Bochmann


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