Our designs are logical and transparent concepts determined by conditions which are often highly complex and challenging. Within these boundaries, we seek to identify the highest user quality, the optimum future value and a high-quality appearance. 

We feel that a good design only becomes successful when it blends naturally into its environs or adds a new impulse to the existing context. In most situations, we prefer to unite 'old and new' in a subtle way rather than create maximum contrasts. This means that the physical and cultural context is a constant source of inspiration for our designs and choice of materials.
In our view timeless designs are more valuable than fashionable gestures. We like to apply natural and sustainable materials that age naturally and require little maintenance. We consider careful and durable detailing of our designs essential in achieving this. All our projects aim at low-energy installation concepts and the reduction of environmental taxes. To achieve these aims we prioritize the re-use of existing structures and the creation of flexible and adjustable designs.

Furthermore, we value a responsible and sustainable operation of our practice and wish to donate 2% of our profits to charitable projects. In 2020 we will support the foundation Childrenshome and their work with orphans in South India.