Kop West Purmerend


  • 2015-2022
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  • Dana Ponec

Kop West

In the new neighborhood Kop West in Purmerend plots have been made available on which individual terraced houses can be realized. Our studio designed ten houses in this area.

Each design has been carefully adjusted to the needs, the taste and the budget of its future inhabitants. By doing so, each house is unique allowing for a range of different facades along the streets. We aimed at creating clear facade compositions for all houses. Most of the facades have subtle differences in masonry and both the ground floor and the roof edge are treated in a special way. The designs have been made in close collaboration with the advising architects from the municipality.

Some of the houses have surprisingly spacious interiors. Voids and differences in floor levels and ceiling height have been applied. The house on the plot A2 has a large void on the front side allowing splendid views of the canal in front of the house. The corner house on plot A24 has a ‘green room’: a very light room with the quality of a winter garden.