Maria Montessoristraat Amsterdam


  • 2016
  • Client

  • Green Real Estate
  • Contractor

  • De Vries en Verburg
  • Photography

  • Marcel van der Burg
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Maria Montessoristraat

In a post-war suburb in the west of Amsterdam 22 rental terraced houses were being realized on the location of a former school. The urban layout of the new building block follows the structure of the existing semi-open building blocks in this neighborhood.

The 22 rental houses are articulated as individual volumes but also show a clear unity as an urban ensemble. The facades have a solid expression and are carefully designed with lightly colored brickwork. House numbers and letter boxes are integrated in prefabricated concrete elements. Windows are deeply recessed and the rainwater drainages are placed behind the partition joints in between the various facades.

The terraced houses and two apartments at the northern side of the building block have a more urban character with brickwork in red and brown colours and massive porch roofs.