Shelter Hoofddorp

    Invited competition

  • 2010
  • Client

  • Municipality of Haarlemmermeer
  • Design

  • Dittmar Bochmann Architecten
  • Project architect

  • Jan Bochmann
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  • Project PDF


The municipality of Haarlemmermeer invited our studio to take part in a competition for designing a shelter for the homeless and for victims of domestic violence.

It was essential to us to design a safe, homely and peaceful accommodation for its temporary inhabitants. The green surrounding and a number of large trees on the site was very suitable for his purpose. We proposed to include those qualities in a communal garden around the shelter.

The square shape of the building allows inhabitants to have equal relationships with the garden. At the same time this compact form creates an optimal relationship between facade surface and volume and therefore contributes to a sustainable and economic setup. To facilitate the needs of the various clients (singles, couples, mothers with children) a diverse range of apartments has been designed, most of which can be extended by adding one or two extra rooms.

The architectural design of the facades and the interior reflects the difference between the harsh outside world and the homely atmosphere within. In the facades a rough stucco surface contrasts with the smooth finishing around the window frames and with a number of wooden surfaces. Furthermore, there are subtle differences in depths of the French windows from the lower to the upper floors. A light colour scheme adds a positive and friendly atmosphere to the building. In the interior the wooden finishing creates a secure and warm atmosphere.