Rustic villa Purmerend


  • 2020
  • Design

  • i.s.m. Finbarr McComb
  • Technical design

  • i.s.m. Karel van Eijken
  • Photography

  • Marcel van der Burg

Rustic villa

In the suburban area of Purmerland the original rural atmosphere still abounds. Here the owner of a large plot wanted to realise a freestanding house that refers to this rural setting.

The design of this villa is based on the typology of the rural sheds in surrounding area. Only the entrance impedes the simple shape of the roof. On the south east the overhang of the roof creates a covered terrace and orients the villa towards the garden.

The owner expressed the need for the master bedroom and the attached bathroom to be located on the ground floor and for the children’s and guest rooms to be placed on the upper floor. In the open kitchen and living room on the ground floor the roof construction is kept visible. The large glass facade allows for beautiful views on the garden. The entresol can be used as a place to read and study.