Soewardistraat Amsterdam


  • 2022
  • Client

  • Private
  • Project architect

  • Jan Bochmann
  • Technical design

  • Karel van Eijken
  • Contractor

  • Hooiberg b.v. Langedijk Bouw, Hem
  • Photography

  • Marcel van der Burg


The clients of an individual terraced house in a new neighborhood of Amsterdam approached us to design a light house with high ceilings, a spacious kitchen, natural building materials and sustainable installations.

A kitchen of more than more than five meters high forms the center of the house. As the garden is situated 80 cm lower than the street the kitchen is at another level than the compact living room and the entrance hall. Two wide wooden stairs connect those various spaces to each other. We chose to design the route from the ground floor to the upper floors along a walking bridge through the kitchen space. This way, the high and central room is experienced both from the lower as well as the upper levels. Using this bridge allows for beautiful sightlines throughout the house.

In the facades light colored bricks have been combined with wooden Accoya windows. Elegant proportions and a maximum of glass surface are achieved by placing the window frames behind the bricks. The profiled masonry on the ground floor, the brickwork along the lintels and the four steel balconies create a natural and beautiful facade composition.