Sperwerstraat Alkmaar


  • 2021
  • Initiative

  • Gemeente Alkmaar
  • Client

  • NW360 Vastgoedontwikkeling
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The municipality of Alkmaar launched a competition for a building block with 14 terraced houses in the neighborhood De Horn. Our studio collaborated with project developer NW360 Vastgoedontwikkeling on a design for this location.

The 14 terraced houses are spatially connected by the application of dark brickwork with small horizontal setbacks all along the ground floors and the low garden walls. At the same time the recessed rainwater drainages in between the houses clearly articulate each single house as a separate volume.

An open and inviting atmosphere was created by orienting all 14 row houses to the outside. The voids behind the front facades and the large windows provide attractive sightlines from the inside to the outside and vice versa. Considerable attention has been paid to the transition from the public to the private domain. For example, the low window sills in the houses on the east and the west side can be used as benches in summer. The six houses on the south side have large double doors on the ground floor and the facades on the far sides have been provided with large openings. By doing so, a sense of security is achieved and social interaction with neighbors is stimulated.

The deeply recessed windows, the perforated masonry and the natural wood colour of Accoya window frames add a sturdy and natural appearance to the design. The principles of circular, sustainable and rainproof building have been applied throughout.