Trojestraat Almere


  • 2019
  • Client

  • Private
  • Contractor

  • Van Pijkeren Bouw, Ommen
  • Photography

  • Marcel van der Burg
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In Almere-Poort a striking small house was designed for a family of four. Building regulations meant that the footprint of this compact villa was not allowed to exceed 7.4 x 10.6 meters.

On the ground floor a large kitchen area and a living room have been combined into one open space. In between these two areas a free-standing open fireplace can be placed. The four bedrooms, a large bathroom and a storage room are situated on the upper floor. The construction of the house allows for an extra floor in the future.

In the facades a playful composition of mostly square white window frames has been applied. Around some of the windows solid white steel frames have been placed. Above the front door and above the large sliding doors on the corner small white porch roofs were created using the same steel profiles.

The masonry consists of same-colour rough and smooth bricks which have been integrated into one surface. The combined use of these textures allows for subtle nuances and differentiated appearances of the facades in various weather conditions.