Renovation farmhouse Brabant

Renovation farmhouse

The farmhouse is situated at the edge of a village in the province of Brabant. It was built in 1902 and has been renovated frequently since. In 1932 the original house at the front was extended with a large barn that was converted into living quarters in 1992. Despite the various conversions many authentic details have been saved. The new owner asked us to convert the listed building and create a modern and spacious house without abandoning the authentic character of the farm.

The designs for this renovation entails the removal of many of the partition walls added in the course of time. The original carriage door in the main facade was re-introduced and serves as the main entrance to the farmhouse. The new hall provides views to the kitchen and the guest rooms at the front of the house and to the living room in the former barn.

The new living room was given a unique appearance by integrating all of the roof construction of the former hayloft into the living space. The interior of the house is isolated throughout and provided with insulating sashes and large sliding doors behind the large window openings. A large hearth literally forms the focal point to this unique space.