Kitchen Bloemendaal


  • 2015
  • Client

  • Private
  • Contractor

  • Frank Bart
  • Built-in furniture

  • Joro
  • Photography

  • Marcel van der Burg
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The owners of a corner house from the 1930s wished to renew and to enlarge the existing kitchen. A large dining room and kitchen with a separate storage space could be realized by extending the new kitchen area into the former garage.

The renewed dining room and kitchen spaces have exceptionally much daylight. Thanks to the 3,5 m long skylight above the dining table and double garden doors the atmosphere in the new interior is changing constantly with changing outside weather conditions. The kitchen itself can be opened to the front garden by a large sliding door being integrated in the front facade. On the outside of this opening the former garage door with a small window can be closed as a shutter to limit insight from the street.

The kitchen itself is fully integrated in the renewed space. The door to the separate large storage space behind the kitchen has been carefully designed as just another furniture door. The kitchen has a modern appearance thanks to the minimalist details with partly invisible door handles and the perfectly shiny white finishing.