Terraced houses The Netherlands

Terraced houses

In The Netherlands an increasing number of individual plots for terraced houses are sold to private clients. As a result of this type of individual development, new streets lack architectonical consistency and do not create attractive neighbourhoods. Therefore, we have developed a modular system that combines a maximum of individual expression with a large degree of cohesion between the individual houses.

The design is based on a maximum of freedom of choice regarding the size of the house and the number of floors. The terraced houses can be designed as large family homes, as a combination of private residences with separate studios or as special interiors with voids and double-high spaces. A steel frame in the facade expresses the structure behind it. The facade elements themselves have a maximum of glass surface. There is a wide choice of special elements available, including porch roofs, corbels, French balconies, roof terraces or pergolas.

The modular building system is both suitable for bottom-up projects as well as top-down developments in which the future inhabitants have substantial saying. Compared to individual houses, the application of a modular system and standardised detailing allow for financial advantages. By doing so, higher architectural quality for each individual house can be reached.