Urban villas Naarden


  • 2018
  • Client

  • Integer Vastgoed B.V.

Urban villas

Our studio designed 32 apartments on a unique location in Naarden. The plot is located between a lush neighbourhood with villas from the 1930s and a relatively high apartment building from the 1970s.

The design entails two individual urban villas for the location. The scale and height of the new volumes, varying from three to four floors, create a natural transition between the villas of two floors and the adjacent apartment building of six floors. Each villa consists of three separate volumes, which results in a small-scale impression that suits this location.

A semi-underground car park is placed under the two villas. Private and collective terraces are located on top of the car park. Along the edge, bushes and hedges have been carefully integrated and new trees will be planted at various spots. This way, the villas will be situated in a green, park-like surrounding.

A timeless and elegant appearance is reached by combining light coloured bricks and large dark-grey sliding doors with glass balustrades. The facades, balconies and roof edges will consist of subtle differences in masonry bonds.