Heesterveld Amsterdam


  • 2007
  • Competition NAi en Ymere

  • 3rd prize
  • Design

  • Dittmar Bochmann Architecten
  • Project architect

  • Jan Bochmann
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  • Project PDF


In the 1970’s a group of building blocks named “Heesterveld” have been realised in the Southern outskirts of Amsterdam. As those structures can’t be adjusted to the needs of our time anymore a new urban ensemble has been proposed for this location.

The design is based on a mix of various functions and typologies around one large water surface. This water basin refers to the former lake on this location that has been turned into a polder in the 17th century. The newly created basin has an important ecological function as a water reservoir. Two bike and pedestrian bridges cut through this basin providing a good connection between neighborhood and the metro station.

Despite the high diversity of building types along the edges of the new building block a strong connection has been reached by using the same red brick stone for all structures. In the architectural design attention has been paid to the transitions between the public street, the buildings and the more informal and quiet waterside.