Homerusplein Almere


  • 2019
  • Clients

  • Priscilla Silanoe en Toa Han
  • Contractor

  • Van Pijkeren Bouw, Ommen
  • Photography

  • Andreas Lambrinos
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In the centre of Almere-Poort a modern corner house was realised opposite Homerus market. This relatively compact and affordable house has a surprisingly spacious and light interior.

In the kitchen space a ceiling higher than 3,20m was applied. The stairs are located in the open void. Large window frames and a skylight above the void have resulted in a centralised and open space. To contrast with this lighter area, the fittings and walls in the kitchen were executed in darker tones.

In contrast to the kitchen, the living room is considerably more intimate. A logical transition from kitchen to living room was achieved by a large opening in the dividing wall and a difference in height of two steps between the two areas. This connecting corridor is equipped with a small ethanol fireplace.

In the front facade two different types of brick have been applied to create two vertical and well-proportioned surfaces. The drainage is placed in the joint between these two surfaces. The front door is entirely made of milk glass allowing a maximum of daylight in the entrance hall yet maintaining a clear sense of privacy.