Affordable housing Almere


  • 2011
  • Client

  • Private
  • Contractor

  • Witkamp Bouwgroep
  • Design

  • Dittmar Bochmann Architecten
  • Project architect

  • Jan Bochmann
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Affordable housing

Private building commissions by target groups with average incomes were stimulated in the Homerus district in Almere with special loans. As such, the terraced houses, measuring a wideness of 5.4 meters, can be realized within a 126.500 € budget, VAT included.

The seemingly simple facade of our design derives it subtle appearance from varying window proportions and details. The window openings decrease in size with each added floor, a visual technique also found in the facades of seventeenth-century canal houses in Amsterdam. This effect is further reinforced by using window frames of diminishing thickness. The intricate texture of the brickwork is achieved by applying alternating rows of same-color, smooth and rough-surface bricks.

This terraced house has a surprisingly spatial interior. The living room consists of a dining area of double height behind the front facade. By doing so nice sight lines within the house are created.