Lia Doranastraat Amsterdam


  • 2022
  • Client

  • Private
  • Contractor

  • Bouw 2000
  • Project architect

  • Jan Bochmann
  • Technical design

  • Karel van Eijken
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Lia Doranastraat

The Amsterdam-based Studioninedots has created a remarkable urban plan for the former industrial area of Buiksloterham in the northern part of the city. The layout of this neighborhood is unique because of the combination of small-scale and large-scale developments, the mix of housing and working facilities and the elaborate pedestrian routes and small squares that connect the various building blocks. A striking single-family house will be built at the main corner of one of the urban squares.

The 4-story building has been designed as a clear object crowned with an angular roof. Large facade openings emphasize the importance of the corner function in the neighborhood. The large open surfaces in the kitchen and living room on the upper floors provide an unobstructed view across the neighborhood.

The entire facade will be detailed with manually fabricated, glazed bricks. In the front facade deeply recessed openings will be applied whereas the side facade will be kept more even. All window profiles will be placed behind the brickwork and are invisible from the outside. In various places plants are integrated in the facade and on the balcony of the first floor. A large art work will be integrated into the side facade. This object will face the urban square and will form a recognisable landmark in this new part of Amsterdam.