Oasis City Almere

Oasis City

Near the main train station in Almere a former party center from the 1980’s is to be demolished. On this key location a high-quality apartment building will be realized.

In close collaboration with the urban planner the building has been carefully integrated into the urban fabric of this neighborhood. Along the Willem Dreesweg the new volume has five floors and a height of about 16 meters. This modest height allows for a subtle transition between the apartment building and the terraced houses on the other side of the street. The new building does not shed any shadow on the private gardens of the houses. Along the busy Spoordreef road on the southern side, the building has 10 floors and a more urban appearance.

The building consists of 64 apartments which have been arranged around a central atrium. All apartments have large balconies, roof terraces or loggias. The most prominent corner of the building, along the extension of Willem Dreesweg, contains an office space of double height. Unique for Almere are the large window formats, the sizeable outside spaces and roof terraces, the glass balustrades and the greenery which has been carefully integrated into the facades.