Attic apartment Utrecht

Attic apartment

The owners of a 1930’s house near Wilhelmina Park in Utrecht in the Netherlands sought to have their attic converted into a self-contained apartment. At the same time they expressed the explicit need for extra storage space.

A transparent and modern apartment was created by keeping the original roof construction visible and integrating built-in cupboards and storage room on all sides of the apartment. These built-in spaces contain the existing chimneys, pipes and heaters as well as the kitchen and bathroom. Kitchen and bathroom are accentuated through the use of bright colours and integrated sinks.

The integrated spaces have been detailed in a minimalist manner and do not show visible handles and hinges. In addition, all the sockets have been integrated into the plinths of the built-in cupboards.

A highlight is created by a sight line extending from the living space into the staircase, which contains a niche for the exhibiting of a sculpture.